Hey, this is AeroliTh.ink.


想建立个人博客有一段时间了,以往会零零碎碎在 OneNote 和 简书 上记录些文字,但总觉得没有仪式感。


后来有一天和 Resuly 闲聊关于域名的东西,我说现在域名后缀真是越来越多了, .top , .me , .ink 各种各样, Resuly 也是强烈建议我赶紧注册一个。

我还是闲悠悠的浏览着各种域名,这时一个英文单词划过我的脑海—— Aerolith




Think like an aerolith.

It has been a long time since I wanted to establish a personal Blog. I used to do some writing to record things in dribs and drabs in OneNote and JianShu. but I always feel that it has no sense of ritual in this way.

However, my procrastination baffled my action and the calender of building a personal Blog was then put on the shelf.

Then one day, I chatted with Resuly about the domain address. I said that the suffixes of domain address are increasing rapidly. Like “.Top”, “.me”, “.ink”, so many choices for sale in the shopwindow. Resuly still as usual strongly urged me to register a domain as soon as possible.

I was still leisurely browsing a variety of domain names, when an Latin word sparkled across my mind - Aerolith (Why is Aerolith? I majored in Geotechnical / Geological Engineering before.)

“Wow!” I almost shouted out. From that moment, I made my decision withou any hesitatation.


Perhaps this is the “At First Sight”.