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Think like an aerolith.

Posted by Aaron on December 7, 2017




这里是我的Blog - Aerolith.ink


  • √  关于我的专业 交通运输工程 的种种
  • √  我在代码的世界里摸爬滚打发现的一些小技巧
  • √  漫无边际的遐想,像陨石一样思考 :P
  • √  好玩有意思,值得一试但不一定有用的东西 :D 有意思什么的最重要了!
  • √  我平时翻译的一些东西,生活小杂碎
  • 未完待续……


“Hello, world.”

Hi! You’re here.

My name is Jiaying, Chen (Aaron for short).

This is my Blog - Aerolith.ink

I will record some text here in the future, they may have some of the following features.

  • √  Things about my major Communication and Transportation Engineering.
  • √  Some tips and tricks, you may never thought of, that I sum up when I struggle in the world of coding.
  • √  Some boundless reveries and wicked ideas. Just think like an aerolith. :P
  • √  Some things that are not necessarily useful but full of joy and worth a try :D Don’t you think It’s not the “useful” but the “insteresting” that matters? :)
  • √  Some spices in life.
  • To be continued…

Finally, Welcome to my home. I would appreciate your comments in the following days. :)